My Story

NYC 1982

My story starts with feeling undeserving of affection.

It progresses to knowing God’s affection poured out over my life, on a summer mission at fifteen years old.

At that point, His love changed my outlook toward others.

When I first met my husband, I was delighted to know there was someone with very similar values. We were united in our desire to live a life of faith. (Pic above is from our engagement)

God blessed us with 4 children plus family and friends from our work, church and community.

We are living as much as possible in His love, thanking Him for all the gifts surrounding our lives and learning through all the challenges as well.

This blog is meant to reconnect with those I have worked with and ministered with over the years. It’s also a way for me to reconnect with the lover of my soul, Jesus, as I ponder God’s word.- Teresa