Wild turkey vs. bald eagle

Although Ben Franklin felt that the turkey was more courageous than the eagle, I saw these turkeys sitting on a fence this morning and laughed! Thankfully, God is more like Benjamin Franklin than me because He looks beyond the surface appearance to the heart. The poor may appear to the world system as those who have made bad choices but God sees the heart of the matter. Many of the poor are given less than an optimal start in life. In fact, they often have overcome unbelievable odds (i.e. orphans in Uganda, Africa who are searching for food at “baby” ages, read inspirational book “Kisses from Katie”) . When we show mercy we are like God and He is merciful to us. – Teresa

 Psalm 41: 1-3 (ESV)

“Blessed is the one who considers the poor![a]

    In the day of trouble the Lord delivers him;

2 the Lord protects him and keeps him alive;

    he is called blessed in the land;

    you do not give him up to the will of his enemies.

3 The Lord sustains him on his sickbed;

    in his illness you restore him to full health.[b]”


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