The altar of repentance

When we repent of our sin or turn 180 degrees the other way, I don’t believe we are just committing to a goal. Repentance involves a change of heart! When we see our sin in light of God’s love, we exchange wanderlust for a fulfilling truth that we are accepted by our heavenly father.* Our appetite for sin is sated with something better, a true understanding of the father’s love for us.* In this passage, David no longer wanted the cheap thrill of power or position (the adoration of people) because God’s powerful protection made him tremble in awe. -Teresa #Heisjealousforme #allforHim #eventhatwhichcostly

*HeadtoHeart, Dr. David Eckman, BecomingWhatGodIntendedMinistries

1 Chronicles 21: 18-27 (ESV)
18 Now the angel of the Lord had commanded Gad to say to David that David should go up and raise an altar to the Lord on the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite. 19 So David went up at Gad’s word, which he had spoken in the name of the Lord. 20 Now Ornan was threshing wheat. He turned and saw the angel, and his four sons who were with him hid themselves. 21 As David came to Ornan, Ornan looked and saw David and went out from the threshing floor and paid homage to David with his face to the ground. 22 And David said to Ornan, “Give me the site of the threshing floor that I may build on it an altar to the Lord—give it to me at its full price—that the plague may be averted from the people.” 23 Then Ornan said to David, “Take it, and let my lord the king do what seems good to him. See, I give the oxen for burnt offerings and the threshing sledges for the wood and the wheat for a grain offering; I give it all.” 24 But King David said to Ornan, “No, but I will buy them for the full price. I will not take for the Lord what is yours, nor offer burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” 25 So David paid Ornan 600 shekels[f] of gold by weight for the site. 26 And David built there an altar to the Lord and presented burnt offerings and peace offerings and called on the Lord, and the Lord[g] answered him with fire from heaven upon the altar of burnt offering. 27 Then the Lord commanded the angel, and he put his sword back into its sheath.

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