Let’s roll!

When Todd Beamer led the offensive which overpowered terrorists on flight 93, he rallied the courage of everyone with two words. Amos, the prophet, gathered up his courage as well when the people were missing the heart of God (blinded by their sacred cows). He declared, “Let justice roll down like waters”…When we intentionally intervene with care for the children of the world, the courage of these righteous acts will be evident to all (read about Agape International Ministries with Don Brewster).- Teresa

Amos 5: 21-24 (ESV)

21 “I hate, I despise your feasts,    and I take no delight in your solemn assemblies.

22 Even though you offer me your burnt offerings and grain offerings,

    I will not accept them;

and the peace offerings of your fattened animals,

    I will not look upon them.

23 Take away from me the noise of your songs;

    to the melody of your harps I will not listen.

24 But let justice roll down like waters,

    and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.

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