Tears in the bottle

A double rainbow makes us happy because we remember not just once but twice God’s covenant signature. When the whole earth flooded, God’s regret let loose in remembrance of His perfect creation. We trust you, LORD. Even when we are tossing with worry or overcome by a flood of dissipation (1 Peter 4:4) our mantra is to remember You. Why? Who else collects our tears in a bottle and keeps count of our tossing? Who else bought us back to what He originally intended? #peacewithGod- Teresa

 Psalm 56:8-11 (ESV)

You have kept count of my tossings;[c]

    put my tears in your bottle.

    Are they not in your book?

9 Then my enemies will turn back

    in the day when I call.

    This I know, that[d] God is for me.

10 In God, whose word I praise,

    in the Lord, whose word I praise,

11 in God I trust; I shall not be afraid.

    What can man do to me?

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