Longing for His affection

Solomon’s lover was well-versed in amorous poetry. She exclaimed the longing she felt for him with beautiful similes and metaphors. In describing how enduring true love is she says, “many waters cannot quench love neither can floods drown it”.  As the bride of Christ, we also long for His presence trusting the eternal nature of His affection. – Teresa #love’spreciousgift #priceless #ComeLordJesus #maranatha

Song of Solomon 8:6-10 (ESV)

6 Set me as a seal upon your heart,

    as a seal upon your arm,

for love is strong as death,

    jealousy[m] is fierce as the grave.[n]

Its flashes are flashes of fire,

    the very flame of the Lord.

7 Many waters cannot quench love,

    neither can floods drown it.

If a man offered for love

    all the wealth of his house,

    he[o] would be utterly despised.

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