A balloon or a rock

My husband read a book about space and the blessings of gravity. Not only does gravity keep pressure on our bones to prevent osteoporosis but it keeps liquids in a bowl or cup! One of my first classes in seminary was called creative Bible teaching. My sermon included a balloon and a rock. It reminded me of this passage. Things of the world will disappear. Lighter than air, they are not weighty or important. Kabod or the glory of God (indicative of His presence) is weighty and meaningful. He will always be an important part of our existence, now and eternally. -Teresa

Psalm 62: 9, 10 (ESV)

9Those of low estate are but a breath;

those of high estate are a delusion;

in the balances they go up;

they are together lighter than a breath.


Put no trust in extortion;

set no vain hopes on robbery;

if riches increase, set not your heart on them.

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