Teamwork makes the dream work

Little did I know when we were standing on the beach in Dubai at Midnight that this small team would meld and accomplish the tasks that God had in store for us and the Ugandans. Each one had their own personality, believe me!! Together, we were able to trust God for His unique provision and patience with each other. What seemed easy for one was a step of faith for another. My experience was questioning God’s wisdom in asking me to keep up with the millenials #bougieandblessed. Truly, my body took the biggest hit from this lifestyle (still recovering : ). My best team memories came when we were all depleted on the day before the last day of the kid’s camp. We had a team hug (with some tears shed) in the morning and a team huddle before our eventful dance off competition that evening (this group dance was literally thrown together in about 30 minutes- aka we needed a divine blessing)! God showed up and brought more than we could ask or imagine. – Teresa #God’slove>humanlove

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