Getting relief from the load

Imagine all the worries of your daily life as boulders piled into a dump truck. When you dump it and drive away there is a significant savings in fuel costs aka brain space, not to mention wear and tear on the suspension and tires aka health/wellness.

Last fall, my husband and I did a “clean- up” of our backyard. This involved shoveling the fallow soil from our old planter boxes into a U-haul trailer rental. We worked hard and our reward was to get the lower price (4-hour rate vs. 8-hour rate).

When we released the lever at the DUMP, we felt so much relief. Going back to weigh the vehicles, we were given a price for disposal and realized the extreme weight of our load- 3.6 TONS!

In this Psalm, King David is speaking about a very low time in His life. He experienced the betrayal of one of his closest advisers and friends (Ahithophel)- read 2 Samuel 15-17. This was weighty!!

I encountered this Psalm shortly after the untimely death of my younger brother. My question to God was: “Why, Lord, did my brother take his own life”?

Verse 22 jumped off the page as I realized that we are all at risk of being overburdened and failing to cast on God what is not ours to bear (i.e. it could be a spouse’s infidelity or other relationship, it could be financial troubles or pressures that may cause a downcast soul). The answer is to “cast our cares upon the LORD”. If He is able to sustain His creation daily in this galaxy- where everything is spinning delicately in space, then He is able to sustain us- who are part of His creation.

Our job is to keep casting every crushing burden onto His capable shoulders. Casting does not mean just thinking it through but applying an energetic, purposeful explosion of spiritual muscle contractions (faith). In other words, this burden does not belong here so let me exercise my faith in the Almighty. He is telling the truth about us through His Word so we are not doomed to be held captive by another’s lies.

I burned so many calories the day we shoveled 3.6 tons of dirt in 4 hours. We were intentional in our job and God provided the strength. Of course,physical activity is much better than stewing in emotional duress. Let this remind us to exercise our faith, not just ponder it.

Sometimes we need to trust God for an extra oomph of strength to take our next step of faith. He promises to sustain us! -Teresa #turningtoGodnotdealersofalsesolutions #trustintheONEwhokeepsmefromfalling

Psalm 55:22 (ESV)

22 Cast your burden on the Lord,
and he will sustain you;
he will never permit
the righteous to be moved.

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