A good name


A good name and favor are from God, reflecting the character qualities that He seeks to develop in us.

Great riches, silver or gold are from the world, wages for our labor/contribution to society/or even inheritance from our biological family.

Some have chosen the latter and forfeited their good name to obtain it (i.e. scammers, criminals, shady dealers, wishy-washy Kings who lost their faith).

The writer of this passage in the wisdom literature (Proverbs) exhorts us to choose a good name and favor, first and foremost. Many believe Solomon wrote this chapter in the book of Proverbs, which makes it even clearer. Realizing that his character reputation as the “wisest man on earth” was tarnished, Solomon may have had to own up (eat crow) for the reason he lost faith. By turning to wealth, not God, he became a follower and no longer a strong, godly leader in his home or marriage(s).

After reviewing materials yesterday from my last “coping skills” class on boundaries, I thought of five incidents in the past few weeks where my lack of boundaries made me vulnerable and opened the fortress (so to speak) of my good character/name. No amount of money/wealth is worth that.

As an exercise for myself, I made 5 “rules” to help maintain the fortress (my healthy boundaries) and keep me looking to Jesus: 1. don’t over give, 2. let it go (when it’s another’s misperception, not my issue), 3. recognize and never compete with a psychologically unstable person- (no matter how many degrees they have after their name), 4. always be kind but keep it truthful and 5. maintain a safe distance, both physically and emotionally (from those who are explosive).

I am grateful for Solomon’s wisdom as he had God-given favor. I am also grateful for time to consider how I can improve, personally. – Teresa #Godswordistruth #nonverbalcommunicationcansaylovebest

Proverbs 22:1English Standard Version

22 A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches,
and favor is better than silver or gold.

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