Made it to Dubai

We spent 16 hours in close quarters on Emirates airlines- beautiful 2 level plane! Thanks for your prayers as I had a few health issues the night before departure!! Thanks to KP, I had meds started and toted along with 2 L of water. We are now experiencing Dubai after our flight (since the hotel reservation fell through)- beach at night, marina mall at midnight….lounging in the airport for tomorrow’s flight to Uganda. Miracles are already happening (like a team member forgetting their passport in a taxi and still able to locate the right driver amidst the crazy traffic). Trusting Him for all we need. – Teresa

#travellingwithmillenialsgenz #Lordhelpmestayup!

One thought on “Made it to Dubai

  1. Holly Griffith

    I find spiritual warfare at it greatest traveling to….mission trips. Once there seems the Holy Spirit takes over and Jesus Happens…lol…enjoy every moment


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